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STEPS (Secondary Teachers Enhancing Performance for Students)

STEPS will provide an opportunity for teachers to participate in activities that focus on best lessons from the mathematics classroom.  Six 25-minute sessions will be repeated four times so that a participant may attend four sessions in any order.  Participants who do not want to attend every STEPS session may enter and leave STEPS five minutes before the hour and half-hour during the breaks between sessions.  Sessions begin on every hour and half-hour.

STEPS schedule

Best Lessons from High School Mathematics Classrooms

Wednesday, July 10 at 1:00 p.m. –3:30 p.m. in Ballroom B

Darla Clark, Nadia Pocasangre East Central ISD
Constructions on Special
How special are your right triangles?  Order a dose of deeper understanding and let your students’ knowledge of other polygons and the Pythagorean Theorem be put to the test as they construct the special right triangles and discover the relationship among their side lengths.


Christy Luis, James Bryant East Central ISD
Folding Your Characteristics
Are you looking for ways to help your student organize and pull together information already learned?  This session shows you how to organize the characteristics of a quadratic function in both vertex and standard form using an interesting foldable and manipulatives, reaching various types of learners.  Although this session focuses on quadratic functions, this method can be adapted to many other topics!​


Jennifer Walling, Erika Pierce Manor ISD
How to Make Algebra More App-etizing!!
Our goal is to demonstrate how to use various iPad® apps to engage students as they solve for unknown variables in a systems of equations using multiple methods. Students learn best when they explain the process in their own words. We will explore how to use technology to facilitate student explanations in an interactive format such as Educreations, SnapGuide, or Mind Jet.​


Peggy Katterjohn, Laura Ringwood Eanes ISD
Moving Chicks: The Hunt and Peck Method of Finding Zeros of Polynomials
By way of a paper and scissors investigation, students will be charged with creating the best shipping crate for transporting baby chicks. As they cut and fold, students will discover how to solve polynomial equations by a method other than factoring.


Deborah Mendoza, Linda Dahlgard Somerset ISD
STAAR™Trek: The Clicker Generation
Travel with Dixi on her Journey to the Function Frontier. Use learner response devices to assess academic vocabulary. May your students Live, Learn, and Prosper.​


Elizabeth Key, Deborah Goforth East Central ISD
Unit Circle
Tired of students trying to memorize instead of learn? Let your students “construct” a better understanding of the unit circle. Come see how you can provide your students a way to make the necessary connections between special right triangles and the unit circle for a deeper understanding of trigonometric functions.​

Best Lessons from Middle School Mathematics Classrooms

Thursday, July 11      10:00 a.m. –12:30 a.m.        Ballroom C

Carol Poarch, Christina Sanchez, Howard Villarreal Northside ISD
Learn how to TRANSFORM your class using a flipped methodology that will allow you to take students’ learning to a new level.  Explore geometric transformations in a flipped lesson


Roberta Abelman, Eunice Scott, Deborah Velasquez San Antonio ISD
Linear Functions Create Your Dream House
Need a catchy way to reinforce linear functions by graphing and identifying domain and range restrictions? Students will be constructing their own floor plan for their dream house by creating linear functions. From there they will find domain and range restrictions for each function. Good project for a Pre-AP Algebra I class but we will show teachers how to modify the project for a regular class with handouts provided.


Erin McKinney, Melissa Balzer Northside ISD
Math . . . Not Just for Squares!
Get your kids up and moving! Explore how to use party supplies to create human graphical representations. Use this concrete model to help your students visualize the way graphs work all while reviewing other TEKS such as proportionality, rational number conversions, and other readiness standards.


Belinda Garcia, Rhonda Voulgaris Boerne ISD
Reflections, Translations, and Rotations, Oh My!
Come explore an activity designed to allow students to discover the differences between geometric transformations in a fun categorizing activity.


Lucy Lara, Olivia Herrera, Pecos Barstow Toyah ISD
Volume – If They Build It, They Will Learn!
Join us in finding the volume of prisms and cylinders using modeling clay. Learn how students will connect the models and formulas.


Tami Lemire, Abby Turner Pflugerville ISD
Who Are We?
Engage and get to know your students with an activity that is all about them. Explore range, mean, median, and mode and generate thought provoking discussions around “what is typical”.


Participant Registration

The early registration fee is $145 until May 1, 2013.  Register using the online system (payment with credit card) or download the PDF form and mail it with payment (personal or school check only) to the CAMT office. Please visit our Participant Registration Page for details.

Featured Speakers

Featured Speakers are nationally known educators who will energize, inform, and may even revolutionize your teaching!


You will want to visit the Exhibit Hall C floor to see the latest in mathematics curriculum, manipulatives, technology, and many other resources. Individual exhibitor websites will be found at

Viewpoints Disclaimer

The sessions at CAMT present a variety of viewpoints.  The views expressed or implied in the sessions should not be interpreted as official positions of CAMT. 

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